Early Entrance

The early entrance procedure was designed to allow academically precocious children a chance to begin their formal schooling a year before same-age peers. In addition, the children early entranced must  be physically, socially and emotionally ready—not only for school—but also to handle the pressure that comes with being the youngest student in their grade.  Other students may be up to 16 months older.

The district strives toward continuous progress for all learners in elementary school and beyond.  Not only does this blur the traditional distinction between grades, but when students work at their ability level, they have access to curriculum beyond their grade.  Elementary teachers endeavor to personalize instruction for all learners. In addition, District 112 offers gifted students the opportunity to work with our Gifted Services teachers.

Children who are academically superior may make good candidates for early entrance; however, nearly all parents (99.99%) of Eastern Carver County School District 112’s  most gifted students usually choose to wait and allow an extra year of growth for their child, enrolling them with their same-age peers.

In some other states or rural districts, early entrance and grade skipping are often the only options for meeting bright students’ academic needs. In contrast, Eastern Carver County School District is a large school district with many educational options, striving to maintain high standards of academic excellence and rigor.  Early entrance candidates that  choose to wait and  enter Kindergarten with same-age peers, will find the curriculum challenging, not only this year, but in future years.

Timeline and Resources

In order to find the students most likely to succeed as early entrants, and based on recommendations from nationally known experts in education, District 112 developed a matrix, which considers many factors of child development.  Based on research, parent feedback, teachers’ expertise, and the experiences of previous early entrants, the district is confident when children demonstrate strength in all areas of the matrix they have the best chance for long term success.

  • September 1-October 31: Student birthday
  • February 15: Parent requests early entrance information
  • March 15: Parent completes and submits application
  • May: Final decision

Items needed for application:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Early Entrance application
  • Child Development Inventory
  • Preschool recommendation and checklist
  • Talent Inventory

Minnesota Statute 123.35

Children are eligible to enroll in kindergarten if they are five years old on or before September 1.  No matter what date is selected, some younger children may be ready to enter kindergarten before they are five years old.  In order to provide for these children who are ready, Eastern Carver County School District 112 has an early entrance procedure.  The Early Entrance process is an appeal to the MN Statute and all decisions are final.

Questions: Contact the Welcome Center at 952-556-6100