Our Mission: We prepare every student to achieve their personal best, engage in lifelong learning, and be a thoughtful and responsible citizen.


Our Vision: We are committed to providing educational excellence for all by:

  • Offering personalized, rigorous academic and extensive extracurricular programming delivered by highly-trained staff
  • Promoting a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable culture where everyone has the opportunities and supports needed to be successful  
  • Engaging with community partners to support student learning and career exploration
  • Investing our resources wisely to best meet the needs of our learners and communities

Why Choose Eastern Carver County Schools?

We are replacing the factory model of education by asking the question, “What’s best for the academic and social growth of each learner?” Our students are given the power to shape their education, supported by high academic standards and guided by caring and knowledgeable staff. Personalized learning created learners who are motivated and excited about coming to school. Students have opportunities to develop passion projects where they can make connections between school and topics that they care about. High-achieving students are never held back, but are encouraged to go as far and as fast as they can. Students who need additional support can choose to learn in the ways that work best for them. We are student-centered with teaching practices that adapt to the student. Eastern Carver County Schools is a model for a 21st century education.