Buildings & Grounds

Carver elementary building

The Buildings and Grounds department for Eastern Carver County Schools is committed to providing students a safe, comfortable learning environment, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our team provides daily support to:

  • Maintain building systems and structures;
  • Service the grounds;
  • Provide custodial services;
  • Oversee construction and renovation projects;
  • Maintain compliance with building codes;
  • Maintain compliance with fire codes;
  • Safety and environmental regulations;
  • Oversee security and fire alarm systems in all buildings.

Facilities Maintenance & Improvement
Just like homeowners review and prioritize their maintenance projects, the school district does the same for all of our facilities. Eastern Carver County Schools has a 10-year plan for addressing the needs of each school building.

Buildings & Grounds Information


Jim Muenzenmeyer
Buildings & Grounds Director
Steve Malecka
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Joleen Mohlin
Maintenance Coordinator