Buy Chromebook Insurance

We are excited to announce a new payment process solution that allows you to pay school-related fees 24/7 via Campus Parent.  Payments can be made in real-time using a credit/debit card, check or savings accounts.  Methods of payments can be saved so you only need to enter information once.  Payment information is secured and is not retained on Eastern Carver County School or Infinite Campus systems. 

When you log into Campus Parent, click on the Today tab on the left and on the right you will see 'My Cart' and 'My Accounts' options. NOTE: If you select the 'Fees' tab instead of the 'Today' tab, the Optional Payments will be at the bottom of the screen.

 Select My Accounts, then Optional Payments and select Add to Cart at this point depending on your child’s school you will see one or more optional fees for your child.  If you wish to purchase Chromebook Insurance for the current school year you would select “Chromebook Insurance” and click on Add to Cart.

Add to Cart options

If you wish to select to purchase Chromebook Insurance for other children you can switch to the next students and complete the same process above by adding the Chromebook Insurance fee before you check out for each child.  It should be noted you are purchasing Chromebook Insurance for your child NOT the individual Chromebook.

After you have completed adding Chromebook insurance for all your children you should then select My Cart and add a payment method.  There is a 2.35% service/convenience fee that will be added for credit card processing.  

Payment method


Click Submit Payment when complete.  You will receive an e-mail receipt.  The receipt will come from the email address of 

If you wish to pay for Chromebook Insurance for your child via cash or paper check, please contact your school and they can work with you so you can make payment and obtain Chromebook Insurance.

In the future if you have questions about Chromebook Insurance or other Chromebook damage fees you can logon to Campus Portal.  Select the Fees tab to review all fees and payments made for all your children.

Verify Chromebook Insurance Purchase

If you would like to verify your Chromebook coverage, login to Campus Portal and select Fees and then select Person All to see all your children, pick the current school year and then the Type of Paid.  You will see the purchase of Chromebook Insurance ( and other fees too ) for each student with active Chromebook Insurance for the current school year.  In the example below, you can see Student One has Chromebook Insurance with no outstanding fee balance for the 2022-2023 school year which covers them until school starts for 2023-2024 school year.