Student I.D. Badges

Student I.D. cards have long been used in public schools across the country. These cards have provided identification, ensured student safety, and have been used for many practical purposes during a student’s school day. Thanks to funding from the Security and Technology Levy approved by voters in the 2019 Referendum, Eastern Carver County Schools will soon distribute I.D. badges and lanyards to students.

A primary purpose of the new I.D. badges is to improve student safety by tracking when—and where—a student boards or exits a district school bus. The badge will also be used to access student meal accounts, to check out books and resource materials from the school’s media center, and to sign into the student flextime scheduler.

Last spring, students at Jonathan Elementary successfully piloted the new badge system. The next step is to distribute badges and lanyards to all elementary and middle school students. High school students will receive new badges to replace their current student I.D. cards.

Two student ID badges

I.D. Badge Information (English)

I.D. Badge Information (Spanish)

I.D. Badge Information (Somali)