Student I.D. Badges

Student I.D. cards have long been used in public schools across the country. These cards have provided identification, ensured student safety, and have been used for many practical purposes during a student’s school day.

For the 2022-23 school year, Eastern Carver County Schools will be providing a student ID for all students in grades K-12, just as we have done in prior years. If you’d like to use the student ID to monitor your student’s bus ride, that is an option for your family. Via MyStop, you can view bus ridership if your student has their ID with them when riding the bus.  Bus drivers will not be asking individual students for their ID, so if you want to use this feature on MyStop, please make sure your student has  their ID card ready when they are getting on the bus. For students in grade K-8, we suggest you have your student keep their ID in their student’s backpack, as there is no other need for the ID during the school day for our elementary and middle schools students. If your student needs to replace an ID, please contact your school’s main office and a replacement will be provided for a $5 cost. 

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Two student ID badges

I.D. Badge Information (English)

I.D. Badge Information (Spanish)

I.D. Badge Information (Somali)