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Our students are given the power to shape their education, supported by high academic standards and guided by caring and knowledgeable staff. Personalized learning creates learners who are motivated and excited about coming to school. Students have opportunities to develop passion projects where they can make connections between school and topics that they care about. High achieving students are never held back, but are encouraged to go as far and as fast as they can. Students who need additional support can choose to learn in the ways that work best for them. We are student-centered with teaching practices that adept to the student. Eastern Carver County Schools is a model for a 21st century education. 

Learning looks different in Eastern Carver County Schools, and it’s because we’re committed to meeting the needs of your student and constantly challenging him/her to go further. You could find caring, attentive teachers in any school, but none have the expectations we have in Eastern Carver County Schools. Personalized learning means that learning is tailored to the needs of your child. Artificial dividers of learning by age or grade level are not important. Classrooms look different because personalized learning requires flexibility to work in small groups, independently, or with the whole class. It is a more demanding style of learning compared to traditional lectures because it requires students to be accountable, responsible and resourceful – skills that are vital for future careers and life after high school.

For example, if your child is strong in math or reading, he/she will be challenged at exactly his or her level. In our schools, hundreds of students work ahead of their grade level every day, sometimes three or more grade levels, because we do not cap a student’s learning. The same goes for a student who needs to spend more time to learn and master a lesson. Time is variable, while learning is constant. The teacher and your child work together to understand how your child learns best, and lessons are designed to suit different styles of learning. This requires talented teachers who have skill sets unique to Eastern Carver County Schools. Learn more about Personalized Learning

What Sets Eastern Carver County Schools Apart?


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