Equity in ECCS

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At Eastern Carver County Schools, we are committed to creating a school environment where everyone feels welcome, safe, and included, and where every child has access to the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. The mission of our school district is learners achieving their personal best and, simply put, we cannot be successful if equity work isn’t foundational to our approach to learning.

The School Board and district staff are committed to this work. Equity is foundational to personalized learning, it’s necessary for strong communities, and every single one of our students will benefit not just during school, but after they leave our halls. This work requires an investment from all of us, administrators, teachers, parents, students, caregivers, and community members to be successful. This is long-term, ongoing work which the entire ECCS team believe in, and in the potential of every student in our district.

Our District Road Map


We are committed to providing educational excellence for all by promoting a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable culture where everyone has the opportunities and supports needed to be successful.


STUDENT-CENTERED: Student needs and growth drive our words, actions, and choices.

EXCELLENCE: Committed to high standards and striving for our best. 

RESPECT: Everyone is seen, heard, valued, and included.

COLLABORATION: Engaging, listening, and partnering with others to learn, develop, and innovate.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Fostering a culture of integrity and responsibility.


Fostering a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.

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Equity Initiatives

Eastern Carver County Schools is and has been, committed to providing students equal educational opportunities. Over the last decade, our district has engaged in a variety of initiatives with the shared purpose of creating communities of belonging and success. Our commitment to equity is reflected districtwide in work designed to:

  • acknowledge and check our racial and cultural biases;
  • utilize data to understand what is working and where we must improve;
  • implement best practices related to engaging and supporting learners in achieving their personal best;
  • provide stakeholders in our community with opportunities to engage meaningfully and guide our vision for equity.


Arika Mareck
Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion

Chris Weaver
Equity and Inclusion Supervisor

Kelli Brenny
Culture and Climate Specialist

Termaine Fulton
Restorative Practices Specialist