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At Eastern Carver County Schools, we are committed to creating a school environment where everyone feels welcome, safe, and included, and where every child has access to the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.  The mission of our school district is learners achieving their personal best and, simply put, we cannot be successful if equity work isn’t foundational to our approach to learning.

The School Board and district staff are committed to this work. Equity is foundational to personalized learning, it’s necessary for strong communities, and every single one of our students will benefit not just during school, but after they leave our halls.  This work requires an investment from all of us, administrators, teachers, parents, students, caregivers, and community members to be successful.  This is long-term, ongoing work which the entire ECCS team believe in, and in the potential of every student in our district.

Equity Definition: Equity in Eastern Carver County School District means a student’s identity - their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, immigration status, religion and/or disability – does not predict their success. All students are provided the tools, resources, and support they need to achieve their personal best.

Equity Vision: Eastern Carver County Schools is a safe, welcoming, and inclusive district where all students feel heard, seen, and valued. Our district celebrates students for who they are - their unique personal story – and provides students with a personalized, exceptional education that will help prepare them for who they want to become.

Equity Beliefs:

• Equity is essential and foundational to the success of Eastern Carver County School District
• Everyone is welcome and belongs in our school community
• Our students, families, staff, and community members bring diverse life experiences - assets that should be recognized, celebrated, and embraced as opportunities for growth and learning
• All learners can achieve high academic standards; high expectations will be communicated, supported, and maintained
• All students must see themselves reflected in the district; this means in staff, teachers, and administrators
• Curriculum must be inclusive and include diverse perspectives
• Authentic, two-way relationships between families, schools, and community partners is valued and nurtured across all demographics
• Explicit and transparent communication is vital to build trust and foster relationships
• Staff will participate in ongoing professional development and training to build a shared foundation for equity, foster change and develop a growth mindset
• Resources must be allocated to sustain equity work
• Measurable equity outcomes and accountability are essential to ensure progress

From the Director


This year has come in with quite a cold snowy footprint, and as a Minnesotan, I know it will be a while before the warm weather comes again. While I look forward to the warmth, there are some things I can appreciate about the cold; such as the first and last snowy days for the year:-)

I would like to acknowledge the great team members within the Equity Department. This is the hardest working team around during the most challenging of times. This team is ever present, and I would like to make sure our community knows how much work they put in each day.  The Intercultural Specialist Team is made up of seven members who have a foundational belief to ensure they do what is best for students and families each and every day.  They give so much of themselves to support, engage and collaborate to make certain we provide the best possible learning environment and experience for all. Each ICS team member brings their own gifts and talents to the role which makes our team even more unique.

Our Achievement and Integration Lead Specialist, Arika Mareck, has been such an awesome addition to our team.  Her innovativeness, integrity, and her thoughtful approach always help us stay grounded in the work we do as an Equity Department. The Climate and Culture Specialists, Kelli Brenny and Madalyn Larsen, are one of the teams we collaborate with in our work and the expertise they bring has proven helpful. 

To increase our impact, our department has been intentional about partnerships across the district and the community. One example is the Equity Advisory Council which has been moving forward with large group meetings every other month. In between monthly meetings, collaboration teams meet - Community Engagement & Communications, Diversity in Books, and Athletics, Activities and Opportunities. Teams shares out at the large group meetings the work they have completed, where they hope to go, and how we can collaborate. The meeting minutes are available here.

The Diversity in Books initiative is an opportunity for community members to engage with students through diverse literature. We welcome opportunities to increase the volume of diverse books students are able to experience in our classrooms as well as hosting guest readers. If you would like to learn more about how you could become involved please reach out to Kelli Brenny at brennyk@district112.org.

One of the reminders I have for our community is to continue to engage and visit the website. We update it monthly and have an Equity Challenge Calendar to support engagement throughout the months. If you have questions, I encourage you to reach out to the Equity Department as our goal is to be both informative and transparent.  

In partnership,


Equity Initiatives

Eastern Carver County Schools is and has been, committed to providing students equal educational opportunities. Over the last decade, our district has engaged in a variety of initiatives with the shared purpose of creating communities of belonging and success. Our commitment to equity is reflected districtwide in work designed to:

  • acknowledge and check our racial and cultural biases;
  • utilize data to understand what is working and where we must improve;
  • implement best practices related to engaging and supporting learners in achieving their personal best;
  • provide stakeholders in our community with opportunities to engage meaningfully and guide our vision for equity.


Robin Francis (Gordon)

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Arika Mareck

Achievement and Integration Lead Specialist