Intercultural Specialists

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Intercultural Specialists connect multicultural and under-served families and students with community and school programs, resources, and events to ensure academic success.

Intercultural Specialists specialize in:

  • Promoting academic success with multicultural students;
  • Educating multicultural families how to navigate the Eastern Carver County Schools educational system;
  • Mediating concerns between multicultural students and schools;
  • Building the bridge between diverse families and the school community;
  • Promoting cultural awareness;
  • Being a resource for questions and concerns for multicultural parents and students.

Intercultural Specialists

Virma Behnke — 952-556-1418

Maria Johnson — 952-556-7883

Emily Stewart — 952-556-7668

Madina Abshir — 952-556-3029

Jade Jackson — 952-556-6232

Claudia Varela — 952-556-7463

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