Facility Task Force 2018

Beginning in October, a task force began reviewing information from facility and enrollment studies conducted by the district in early 2018. The group will prioritize needs for essential school maintenance and new construction required to match projected enrollment growth. In early 2019, the task force will make recommendations to the school board. In the spring, the board will go through the process to decide what to ask of the public in a referendum in November 2019.


Task force

Just like homeowners who review and prioritize their maintenance projects, a district task force of parents, teachers, school board members and district staff is doing the same. The facility task force is meeting now to look at our district to-do list in detail and come up with a plan that will be shared with the School Board.

2019 Updates & Recommendations


Carver elementary building
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An enrollment projection conducted in the spring by Davis Demographics indicated upwards of 1,000 additional students in the next four years. Eastern Carver County Schools monitors enrollment closely and will revise this projection at least once a year. Carver Elementary, which opened in fall of 2017, was projected to open with 594 students and now has 659. Two years ago, when the district was planning attendance boundaries for Carver Elementary, we estimated the school would reach capacity by 2020-21. Based on housing patterns, that could happen by fall of 2019. Enrollment is expected to grow fastest in Carver and Chaska, but Victoria continues to approve new housing developments. Chanhassen also will have many new single-family housing as a result of the sale of Prince’s property.


While Eastern Carver County Schools has celebrated the opening of new facilities like Carver Elementary and the Athletic Center, five of the 16 schools operated by the district are at least 40 years old. This year, the district conducted a comprehensive facility study led by Kraus-Anderson Construction Co. The purpose was to understand maintenance needs over the next 10 years. Schools receive regular maintenance every year. Like a home, expensive work for a school, such as replacing a roof, can be put off a few years as long as the roof isn’t failing. The facility study identified many of these deferred maintenance issues. They are especially evident in our older schools. Deferred maintenance needs include inefficient heating and ventilation systems, cracked and worn foundations, old roofs, eroded flooring, and more. Over the next 10 years, the cost estimate for every long-term maintenance issue is $150 million.

Peaks in Projected Enrollment

Peaks in projected enrollment chart


School Board Charge Statement to the Facility Task Force

Approved Sept. 24, 2018

As we have reviewed the information presented, and understand the financial and time considerations needed, we ask the Facility Task Force to present its recommendations to us no later than the January 14th work session.

The school board feels very fortunate to have outstanding instructional spaces for all of our students across the district.  The goal of the task force is to provide recommendations that will preserve and maintain learning spaces for years to come and serve a student population that is projected to grow by 1,000 students in four years.  The scope of current facility needs is large and will require both additional funding and prioritization to accomplish.  The school board’s top concerns are matching student enrollment with school capacity, and ensuring safe, secure and well-maintained facilities.

Once a district task force is convened to review facility needs, recommendations must be developed to include:

  • A recommendation for additional classroom space in order to meet projected student enrollment growth as a result of our demographic and housing patterns; including options for the school board to consider if actual enrollment is higher or lower than estimated.
  • Prioritized recommendations to enhance existing facilities over the next five years based on improving learning opportunities for all students.
  • A prioritized list of deferred maintenance projects to ensure the safe and effective operation of existing district facilities for the next ten years.
  • Consideration of total tax implication, current bonded debt, debt limits, and operational costs.

Eastern Carver County Schools Board of Education

School Report: Fall 2018

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