ECCS Explainers

Financial Responsibility

Did you know ECCS receives funding from local, state, and federal levels? Learn more about Eastern Carver County Schools' commitment to the efficient and responsible use of these funds to educate our students.


Did you know the majority of the district’s general funds are used in the school’s classroom for instruction and instructional support? Learn more about how Eastern Carver County Schools is funded and spends to educate our students.

COVID Relief Funds

Did you know ECCS received one-time federal funding to cover costs associated with the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn more about how we have have utilized these funds.


Did you know Carver County is the fastest growing county in Minnesota? Learn more about how this growth affects ECCS enrollment projections.


Did you know school capacity is the amount of space available for students in a building? Learn more about the current capacity in ECCS.

Carver Elementary Addition

Did you know the school board authorized an addition to Carver Elementary? Learn more about the addition that should be complete by the fall of 2022.