Eastern Carver County Schools: You Belong Here

Eastern Carver County Schools employs 1,500 employees representing 12 unions/bargaining units.  These are our teachers, our paraprofessionals, our custodians, and our bus drivers to name just a few.  Contracts are negotiated on a cycle, and this year ECCS is negotiating two contracts, including our teachers contract.  All of the remaining contracts will expire next June which means negotiations for all of those contracts will also take place this year. During the negotiations process, the district and bargaining group each present proposals asking for what they want included in the contract but neither the bargaining unit or the district is not obligated to agree to those requests.  These processes can take many months, and even when relationships are good and good progress is being made, negotiations can be challenging.


District Priorities and Guiding Principles

Our priorities during negotiations are the following, with the ultimate goal of supporting student success



As a district, we value every single one of our employees and their work.  They do an extraordinary job serving our students and the broader community every day.  Contract negotiations take time and patience. The district is committed to fair contracts for all our employees that align our resources to support their work and our students’ success.