Eye on ECCS: Victoria Elementary (Art Class)

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NOTE: Each week throughout the school year, we will visit a school across Eastern Carver County Schools. Some weeks the plan may be to stop in multiple classrooms by grade, or by subject. Other weeks it may highlight a certain specialist group. The purpose is to give families and our community a glimpse into the every-day learning environment happening in our buildings. A chance to spotlight the incredible work our teachers and staff do on a daily basis for our students, and to showcase the incredible work our students produce as well. So, keep your Eye on ECCS!


Peter Potter was destined to be creative, to craft art. That he’s familiar with a pottery wheel is no coincidence, last name or not.

Art is an inspiration for him. So are young minds. That is why for many years, the first now in Eastern Carver County Schools at Victoria Elementary, Potter has been an elementary art teacher.

To see the reaction of Ms. Carroll’s first-grade class upon hearing they were going to work with clay last week was both refreshing and true.

The loud cheers to the idea of making a pinch pot brought great joy to the 25 or so students.

“We’re going to play with it. We’re going to squish it. We’re going to play with it some more. And then in the end, we’re going to make a pancake out of it,” Potter said.

Each student took a block of clay, created a center with their thumb, and began to pinch, pinch, pinch, until a pot began to form. When the first creation was completed, Potter challenged them to ball up the clay and try it again. The introduction of water to help smooth the outsides turned up the level of fun another notch.

Potter has grand plans to further introduce pottery across all grades. He’s hoping to get students working on pottery wheels as soon as they arrive at the school.

Today’s lesson was a mere introduction of pinch pots. Potter promised more pinch pots next time the class meets, with the end result of the student’s creation going home with them.

The students, of course, cannot wait until that day arrives!

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