Finding ways to listen, learn and support in times of tragedy

As a district, and as a larger community, we have struggled with issues of racism and bias.  Working together we have made progress, but recognize that there is no finish line for this work.  Recent events in our state and beyond demonstrate just how much work there is to be done on an individual and collective level.

This week has been layered with grief, anger, and horror in the aftermath of the killing of Mr. George Floyd.  In the midst of all this, we are thinking of our students, families, and staff of color.  The cumulative weight of these events rests heavily on them, on us, and on our community.  As we process this tragedy, it is important to remember and give space for their anger and grief and to listen, support, and acknowledge their experience.

To our students, families, and staff who are in pain.  We see you.  We care about you. Please reach out if you need help.  Learn more about resources available for Carver County families here.

For those of you wrestling with how to talk about what’s happening – in Minneapolis and beyond – our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Department has resources available here.

Our vision for equity in Eastern Carver County Schools as a safe, welcoming and inclusive district where all feel heard, seen and valued creates a path forward, and we look forward to continuing this work together.

Please take good care of yourselves and each other.