Strategic planning process lays foundation for future

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The district has been deep in the work of strategic planning over the past several months. The most recent work has focused on creating a draft of a Desired Daily Experience for students, parents, and staff. This draft was developed through multiple sessions with different student, parent, and staff groups and put into review form by the district strategic planning team. Participants in these different groups were randomly selected to try and get as broad a perspective from our district community as possible.  

In the next couple of weeks, parents and staff will receive an email that includes a link to an important survey that asks for your feedback on what that Desired Daily Experience (DDE) looks like. This is a busy time of the year for many but we really appreciate the time invested in helping make this a vision shared by our entire community. The DDE will be foundational in developing our roadmap and plan for what lies ahead for Eastern Carver County Schools. For more information about the strategic planning process, click HERE.