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We will begin the 2020-2021 school year in a modified hybrid learning model. 

While we start the year in this model, it’s important to remember that the district will need to be ready to pivot at any time to a different learning model based on evolving conditions, including guidance from the MDH and county officials.

Elementary schools will be in-person learning four days each week, with Wednesdays being a distance learning day. Middle schools will be in an AABB hybrid model with two days of in-person learning each week. High schools will be in distance learning five days each week with options for additional supports in-person for those who need it.

The ECCS Online Learning Academy is a fully online option for those who are not comfortable with the modified hybrid model.

Grades K-5

 100% of students in school 

4 days each week

Elementary schedule


Grades 6-8

50% of students in school

2 days each week

Middle School schedule


Grades 9-12

distance learning 5 days each week

(Shift to hybrid on September 28)

High school schedule