District Safety

At Eastern Carver County Schools, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority.  As a district, we know that everyone plays an important role in safety and security.  We are committed to working to ensure students and staff are safe and one way we do that is by establishing effective relationships with every student at a the building level.  We maintain consistent practices, planning and training regarding safety, security and emergency management throughout the district. We continue to invest in hardening physical security while focusing on resources to support student and staff mental health.

While we cannot share the details of our security practices and protocols for safety reasons, updated emergency procedures have been a key focus of the district as we have returned to in-person learning.  Our building leaders and crisis teams receive ongoing training to prepare for any potential issue.  

Through building design and enhancements we focus on preventing external threats from entering our buildings. This includes locked exterior doors during the school day and co-location of the building’s main entrance and main offices so there is a single point of entry for visitors. Local door alarms have been added to many entry and exit points in the event a door is inadvertently left open. All of our schools also have extensive interior and exterior security camera coverage, with additional cameras recently added. We use a visitor management system that registers and provides identification for any non-staff or students who may be in our buildings during a school day. We also have an emergency notification system to allow for rapid communication within the school’s crisis team and also with the district office in the event an emergency happens.

Our building crisis teams are trained in and help support various emergency procedures, which include drills for students and staff throughout the school year. The district partners with both the Chaska Police Department and the Carver County Sheriff’s office to provide sworn, licensed law enforcement officers for our schools that assist in developing the best safety procedures for potential threats, assist with drills and de-escalating situations that could result in concerning incidents.  We are grateful for the support of our local police and fire agencies.

Many of our practices and procedures to support safety and security are embedded in the parent and student handbook, and can be reviewed here:

If you have questions or concerns about school safety, please reach out to your building principal

Family Safety and Security Information