Registration 2022

Welcome to course registration for the 2022-2023 school year!

Welcome to Chanhassen High School and Chaska High School!

We are proud to offer exceptional education and preparation for your future. Thank you for choosing us! As you consider your courses for next year, here are some things to consider:

  • Think of a plan for your classes for the remaining year(s) in high school. It may change along the way, but knowing where you want to be as a senior will shape your decisions now. Serious thought about an overall educational plan is essential.
  • All students are required to register to take six classes per semester. Students should not count on being able to request or enroll in a specific class after the registration deadline. 
  • What kinds of interests do you have for beyond high school? Ask people in the professions in which you have interests what kind of preparation they would recommend.
  • Make yourself attractive to the colleges you are interested in attending. Make contact with an admissions person to see what they are looking for in candidates for their schools. This information is especially important if you are interested in highly selective schools.
  • Consider taking rigorous courses. It is the last time in your educational career you will have the opportunity  to get a free education. In post-secondary levels, you have to pay to learn. Take the courses in high school that might be interesting to you.
  • Sometimes a student finds they do not have the correct credit requirements. If you do not meet the credit requirements, you will be encouraged to make up the course during the next term or over the summer.
  • Ask your counselor or a teacher for help. We are here to assist you.  For information on counselors and other assistance available to you as you think about post-high school opportunities, visit the Resources link.